Jun 27, 2021

Crowds flee Dhaka ahead of strict lockdown

Crowds of people have flocked to Dhaka's ferry terminals to try and get out of the city before a strict national lockdown comes into force.
For seven days from Monday, no one in Bangladesh will be allowed to leave their homes unless in an emergency.
As a result, people are fleeing the busy capital city for their homes in towns and villages.
Covid cases in the country have surged, many linked to the Delta variant first identified in neighbouring India.
The latest wave of the virus in Bangladesh began about six weeks ago. On 15 May there were 261 new cases and 22 deaths reported. On Friday there were 5,869 new cases and 108 deaths - the country's second-highest daily death toll of the whole pandemic.
Many hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and are struggling to cope, particularly those on the border with India.
(BBC News)