Oct 29, 2021

Facebook rebrands its name to Meta

The parent company 'Facebook' will henceforth be known as 'Meta' and will create a realistic environment for users of its social media and technology tools in a digital environment, adding 'virtual reality' technology, Mark Zuckerberg, the Head of Facebook explained to the media.

However, he said that although the parent company will continue to be known by the new brand name 'Meta', the name of Facebook social media will remain the same.

The parent company 'Facebook' owns several other social media networks, including 'Facebook'. They were bought by Mark Zuckerberg and linked to the Facebook network. Those social media networks are 'Messenger', 'WhatsApp', 'Instagram' and so on. In addition, it includes 'virtual reality' technology tools. From now on all these will be commonly known as 'meta'.

Virtual Reality technology is being incorporated into 'Meta' through Oculus, a company acquired by Zuckerberg. It is said that this will enable 3D technology to connect to computer games.

'Facebook' has changed its name to 'Meta' at a time when it is facing intense controversy. Frances Haugen, a former official of Facebook, told the US Senate Committee of Inquiry that Facebook was harming the society.

"Facebook is a threat to American society and democracy in the United States," Haugen said, adding that there is evidence that it distorts the minds of children.