Mar 10, 2022

Russia-Ukraine reach 2-week ceasefire agreement! Featured

Russian and Ukrainian authorities have reached an agreement yesterday (09) for a ceasefire putting an end to the two-week long war, foreign media reported.

The 12-hour ceasefire was called for the safe evacuation of civilians in war-torn cities such as Kiev and Mariupol.

According to Ukrainian reports, during the war between the two countries since the 24th of February, around 1,300 civilians had been killed.

Ukrainian officials say a hospital complex in the besieged southeastern port city of Mariupol had been hit by a Russian attack yesterday which shocked the whole world.

The Russian attack on the maternity and pediatric hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine yesterday (09)completely destroyed several wards of the hospital which was a sad situation as the attack took place in the midst of a ceasefire.

The officials claim that a considerable number of mothers and infants would have been killed in the attack.

A large number are believed to be trapped in the rubble and search operations are under way to rescue them.

According to foreign media reports, several attacks had been launched targeting the hospital.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy denounces the incident as an “atrocity”.

The United Nations has said it is "shocked" by the attack, saying it was a "disgusting act".

However, Russia refuted the allegations claiming that they have never targeted civilians.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian military sources say that Russian troops have surrounded the capital Kiev.

Russia's large contingent is currently stationed about 15 miles from Kiev.

Ukraine alleges that they are suffering from a fuel shortage but that the Belarusian government is assisting in obtaining fuel and lubricants.