Oct 04, 2017

Beauty queen 'dethroned in Rohingya row'

A Burmese beauty queen has claimed she was stripped of her pageant title over a video she made on the ongoing violence in Rakhine state.

Shwe Eain Si had posted the clip online last week, accusing Rohingya militants of perpetuating the unrest.

The 19-year-old lost her Miss Grand Myanmar title in recent days after the company which crowned her revoked it.

But the firm denied the video was the reason, saying it was because she breached contract rules.

The company, Hello Madam Media Group, announced on Sunday that Shwe Eain Si had been stripped of her title because she did not behave like a role model.

On Tuesday, the beauty queen drew a connection between her dethronement and her video clip.

"Yes, Shwe Eain Si made a video about the reign of terror brought about by the Arsa militants in Rakhine state, but that was hardly qualified as a failure to project a decent image of a pageant contestant," a statement posted on her Facebook page said, making reference to the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

It added that she "is obliged as a citizen of this country to use her fame to speak out the truth for her nation".

But Hello Madam's director Soe Yu Wai later told the BBC that the decision "does not concern... her Rakhine video", and claim they stripped her of the title before the clip was published.

Shwe Eain Si came second at the Miss Universe Myanmar competition organised by Hello Madam last year, winning the title of Miss Grand Myanmar, and was due to represent her country at the Miss Grand International competition later this month.

(BBC News)