Hawaii wildfires : Death toll, missing numbers rise



The death toll from the Hawaii wildfires has risen to 53 and 1,000 people are estimated missing on the island of Maui.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green says the fires are the “largest natural disaster in Hawaii state history” and 80% of historic seaside town Lahaina is “gone”.

In Lahaina, tourists were forced to jump into the sea and tread water for hours when the flames surged through the town.

Tens of thousands of visitors have been evacuated so far while 11,000 people remain without power on the western side of the island.

Firefighters are still battling to contain Maui’s wildfires, which began on Tuesday and were fuelled by Hurricane Dora’s passing winds.

US President Joe Biden has issued a “major disaster declaration” which releases funds for recovery.

(BBC News)


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