Imran Khan pleads not guilty



Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges a day after his arrest sparked nationwide protests.
Nearly 1,000 people have been arrested, police say, and eight people have died nationwide in the protests.

There is tight security at the police guesthouse where he is being detained, which is also serving as a courtroom.

The arrest dramatically escalated tensions between Mr Khan and the military at a time of economic crisis.

Conviction would disqualify the former cricket star – prime minister from 2018 to 2022 – from standing for office, possibly for life. Elections are due later this year.

Dramatic footage showed dozens of security officers forcibly removing the 70-year-old from court on Tuesday, then bundling him into a police vehicle.

On Wednesday Mr Khan was indicted on charges that he unlawfully sold state gifts during his premiership, in a case brought by the Election Commission.

He denies the allegations and says he fulfilled all legal requirements.

(BBC News)


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