Puttalam assault ; students released on strict bail conditions (Update)



21 students who were arrested for assaulting a school teacher in Puttalam have been released on bail, subject to strict conditions.

All the 21 suspects were produced to the Puttalam Magistrate’s Court on Friday (26), where the court ordered them to be released on a personal bail of Rs. 500,000/- each.

They were also ordered to report to the Puttalam Police on every Sunday after the conclusion of the O/L Exam, and place their signature on the records book.

The court also ordered that if the aggrieved party is threatened in any manner, bail will be revoked and the suspects would be remanded until the conclusion of the case.


(Previous News 26th May 2023, 12:04pm)

17 more students arrested over assaulting teacher in Puttalam

Seventeen more students have been arrested in connection with the incident of assaulting the teacher in charge of discipline at a school in Puttalam.

The arrested students are scheduled to sit for the upcoming GCE O/L examination.

Police said that 21 students had attacked the teacher and damaged his house last Wednesday.

Four students who were arrested the day before yesterday were remanded until today (26). They are scheduled to be produced in court today.

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