AG assures toque macaque monkeys won’t be sent to China



Attorney General, Sanjay Rajaratnam had assured the Court of Appeal that Sri Lankan toque macaque monkeys would not be sent to China.

He had made this statement in open courts on behalf of the Department of Wildlife Conservation, which had given instructions that they will not be taking steps to export Monkeys to China.

Thirty Petitioners including Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka (WNPS) filed action before court of appeal seeking Writ of Certiorari, suppressing any decision to export toque macaque monkeys from Sri Lanka to China.

This move had been taken by them as a response to a previous statement made by Minister Mahinda Amaraweera which said that there were plans to export toque macaque monkeys to China.

President’s Counsel Sanjeeva Jayawardena with counsels Prashanthi Mahindaratne, Dilumi De Alwis, Lakmini Warusevitane and Rukshan Senadira instructed by attorney-at-law Amila Kumar appeared for the Petitioners.



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