Can’t reduce bus fares even if diesel prices slashed : Bus owners



Even though the people should be given the benefit of the reduction in diesel prices, there will be no reduction in bus fares in the future since the government has no plan to reduce the prices of spare parts and services, the All Ceylon Private Bus Owners Association said.

Anjana Priyanjith, General Secretary of the Association, said that the price of a bus tire has exceeded Rs.100,000 and the price of a battery has also increased from Rs.35,000 to Rs.80,000.

He said that it costs Rs.25,000 to refill a tire and the price of lubricants and spare parts have increased by 500%.

He said that bus fares were reduced keeping with the decrease in diesel prices but as a result their incomes decreased. However, bus maintenance costs continued to rise, he said.

Therefore, even if fuel prices are reduced in the future, he said that bus fares cannot be revised and that a programme to reduce spare parts, lubricants and service fees is absolutely necessary.


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