Captive elephants in SL facing Filariasis risk?



There is a risk of Filariasis being spread among Elephants in captivity in Sri Lanka, Senior Professor Ashoka Dangolla says.

Senior Prof. Dangolla of the Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Faculty at the Peradeniya University, has said this during a special veterinary clinic held yesterday (27) to check the health of the elephants participating in the Esala Perahara festival in Kandy. 

He has said that these elephants will be examined due to this risk.

Speaking, he has said that they have begun to see signs of Filariasis after some time, which is treatable and can be controlled. However, older elephants are more susceptible to the disease. 

In addition, Prof. Dangolla has also said that for the first time, they have observed a parasite in elephant blood similar to human malaria patients.  He said they are also awaiting to do tests.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dangolla has also said that it is believed that 60% – 70% of captive elephants in the country are being afflicted by an eye disease as well.


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