In Sri Lanka, 700,000 vehicle models have faulty airbags



The Motor Traffic Department (DMT) today announced the immediate recall of over 700,000 vehicle models and brands due to airbag manufacturing flaws.

The defect in the airbags had been revealed following the death of a scientist recently. The scientist died as a result of injuries to his neck caused by a piece of iron inside the air bag, Commissioner General Nishantha Anurudda Weerasinghe said.

He stated that the aforementioned number of vehicles associated with the vehicle involved in the accident are currently on the road and are not safe for passengers.

The Commissioner General said measures are being taken to recall those vehicles to their manufacturers through the vehicle owners.

“The technical team of the department had identified that several car and Jeep models had been found with the fault. The aforementioned vehicle brands and models had been recalled from other countries, and the issue had been resolved. However, the vehicles in Sri Lanka are yet to be repaired,” he explained.

The replacement of airbags related to specific vehicle models will begin next week, the commissioner general said.

source – dailymirror


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