Ministry seeks Rs. 20bn for urgent road repairs



The Transport and Highways Ministry is to urge the Government to release Rs 20 billion for urgent repairs and maintenance of roads in view of the adverse condition of existing road networks.

Minister Bandula Gunawardena told the Sunday Times that the Cabinet had been informed about the requirement, but the allocations had not been made so far and therefore the ministry would be making a fresh appeal.

He said the ministry was urging the Government to stop or reduce current allocations to other ministries and make available the allocations to protect the existing road network.

A Road Development Authority (RDA) senior official said a large number of projects and maintenance work on roads, including 12,000km maintained by the RDA, had come to a standstill.

Among the projects held up is the Asian Development Bank project for which an allocation of USD 235 million has been held back. Another Rs 20 billion more was required for the maintenance of a 100,000km road network and other national road networks.

He said the road maintenance cost would be higher if the current maintenance work was not carried out.

(Sunday Times)


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