Navy seizes over 1kg of TNT in Gurunagar



A special search operation carried out by the Navy at the Gurunagar Jetty, Jaffna this morning (17th October 2023) led to the recovery of over 01kg of TNT high explosives and 01ft and 03-inch-long safety fuse.

The recovery was made by SLNS Welusumana in the Northern Naval Command, after searching a nearby thicket of Gurunagar Jetty this morning. Accordingly, naval personnel found a suspicious parcel in shrubs and recovered 01kg and 950g of TNT high explosives and 03 ft and 04-inch-long safety fuse in it. The items were subsequently taken in to the naval custody.

It is suspected that the explosive items have been hidden away with the intention of using them for illegal fishing activities later. The explosive items have been kept in the naval custody until they are handed over to authorities for onward legal action.



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