People who bailed out underworld figures in hot water!



Sixteen underworld figures involved in large-scale drug trafficking and were detained in the Boossa High Security Prison have fled the country once granted bail, an investigation conducted by the intelligence agencies has revealed.

Twenty-five people who were accused of drug trafficking and were detained in the prison have been released on bail.

It has been revealed that 16 out of the 25 have fled the country including Ganemulle Sanjeewa, Kawuma, Kanjipani Imran and Army Sampath.

The investigating officers said that maintaining cases against them has become an issue since these smugglers fail to appear in court.

It has been revealed that these suspects have obtained bail within two years and after obtaining bail, majority of them have fled the country with fake passports and by boats.

The officers pointed out that the majority of those who obtained bail were represented by the President’s Counsel.

A senior official said that steps will be taken to instruct the police to locate and arrest the guarantors who provided bail to these suspects.

Investigating officers also said that after leaving the country once given bail, these suspects settle in UAE and other countries and continue to operate drug trafficking and crimes without any hindrance.

Meanwhile, it was reported that honest prison officials including those at Boossa have received undue influence by the criminals who fled the country.

There have been instances where some prison officials and their family members have been threatened by the accomplices of criminals visiting homes of the officials.


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