Priyamali’s financial fraud: Two actresses to be arrested?



It was reported that two popular actresses will be arrested in the near future based on the evidence received in connection with Thilini Priyamali’s financial fraud.

Police sources said that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has already interrogated one of the actresses.

One popular actress has been questioned over the audio recording kept by Priyamali which contained conversations of sexual nature but she has said that she has no recollection of these audio recordings.

Meanwhile, Borelle Sirisumana Thera, who was arrested in connection with this fraud, has said that he visited a certain businessman at the request of Priyamali and influenced him to deposit Rs.750 million at Priyamali’s company.

The police said a separate investigation will be conducted on Sirisumana Thera in connection with Priyamali’s gold smuggling activities.

Meanwhile, it has been found that Janaki Siriwardhana, a Director of Krrish Group, who was arrested and remanded on charges of aiding and abetting Priyamali, is directly involved in these fraud activities.

The CID has found that Priyamali’s financial transactions had taken place inside the Krrish building premises in Colombo Fort and that her company has received money from India as well.

It was also reported that the employees of Priyamali’s company have been paid more than Rs.5 million a month, and investigations are currently being conducted as to how the company received these funds.


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