Sewing & training centre launched in Galle for returnee migrants



Minister and Deputy Head of Mission – Mr. Katsuki, Embassy of Japan launched a Sewing & Training Centre with Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment – Manusha Nanayakkara in Galle District on Oct.15th October, 2022.

The Sewing & Training Centre opened through the support by the Government of Japan with approximately 1.7 million USD and jointly implemented by IOM under the “The Project for Supporting the Socioeconomic Reintegration of Sri Lankan Migrant Workers Repatriated due to the COVID-19 Outbreak,” in order to support the socio-economic development and harmonious integration of migrant returnees.

This project aims to reduce vulnerability of migrant returnees and to support them to be socially reintegrated by encouraging skill development with special focus on women and youth. This Sewing & Training Centre will be one of various components of the project which will be implemented across the country. Through this project, migrant returnees will have opportunities to develop their socio-economic skills and entrepreneurship. In addition to this centre, other 21 projects to uplift the livelihoods of migrant returnees and host communities will be set up in 9 districts of Sri Lanka.

This year, Japan and Sri Lanka mark the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations. During the past seven decades, Japan has been providing extensive support throughout the islands to help enhance peace and socioeconomic development in Sri Lanka, including livelihood improvement and empowerment of the people. In this year itself, Japan has so far provided a total of approximately 36.5 Million USD as grant assistance under immediate, mid- and long-term assistance, addressing the urgent needs while enhancing capacity and potentiality of the people of Sri Lanka for further growth.

People and the Government of Japan sincerely hope that this center will provide facilities and programs to develop practical working skills that would eventually expand the future opportunities for migrant workers in Sri Lanka.


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